There is a glitch, In my memory, It remembers the grass, More than flowers, It remembers the silent support, More than loud protest, It remembers the hand holding me, More than the promise of heavens, There is a glitch, In my heart, It loves without condition, And refuses to hold on to hate, It loves […]

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You try, To impress me, To come closer, To inhabit my heart, To win over my soul. For you didn’t take time, To know your challenge, You are not competing, Against a guy I said was cute, Or the one I admire for his wits, Or someone I find good looking, You are competing against […]

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Game of Love!!!

I look at you, You look at me, I look away, You close your eyes, A little longer, Hiding or memorizing something??? And the game continues… Your fingers tangle in my hair, I can’t keep them untangled, My face tangles in your thoughts, You can’t untangle them, And we wonder, What will untangle this mess, […]

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I never knew, How to say, It hurts, Differentiate between… Agony or physical pain, I never knew, How to say, I am happy, Differentiate between… Air in my lungs, Or under my wings, I never knew, How to say, I love you, Differentiate between… The high of mountain, Or high of a dream, I rose […]

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“Sometimes I wish, I had more courage, Just so I could tell you, I am in love, With the way you smile at me, And how you see, Underneath all the layers, All the masks, I put on as defense, With that soft touch, Assuring like a hard wall, But I am scared, You will […]

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All Mine!!!

You, The one in my thoughts, In my mind, And my heart, My eyes, And my soul, I want to ask you, Why are you a fire? A bright inferno, Which takes over My whole being, Burning away all the thoughts, Of any other person, I even found interesting,, Marking my soul, With his essence, […]

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Hey listen, Whoever you are, Hey listen, Wherever you live, Hey listen, Whenever you meet me, I wonder, What if it could be like this, No hellos, No goodbyes, No how are you, No it was nice to see you, No it’s been a long time, No we should keep in touch, No small talk, […]

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