All Mine!!!

You, The one in my thoughts, In my mind, And my heart, My eyes, And my soul, I want to ask you, Why are you a fire? A bright inferno, Which takes over My whole being, Burning away all the thoughts, Of any other person, I even found interesting,, Marking my soul, With his essence, […]

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Hey listen, Whoever you are, Hey listen, Wherever you live, Hey listen, Whenever you meet me, I wonder, What if it could be like this, No hellos, No goodbyes, No how are you, No it was nice to see you, No it’s been a long time, No we should keep in touch, No small talk, […]

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Eternal Love!!!

The eyes, Promising mystery, And light, At the end of a dark tunnel, Maybe he knows, I love a good mystery. The fingers, Fair, skinny and all bones, Like an expert pianist, Maybe he knows, I find it sexy, Expert fingers on an instrument, Creating magic. The voice, Throaty and heavy, Like a dark cloud, […]

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A dear friend, A potential love interest, An innocent crush, A beautiful relation, No, nothing is safe, Not anymore, Because she is beautiful, And that’s a curse, Or maybe the curse is, That she is a girl, And not so little anymore, So she hides her pain, And let her pillow soak it all, She […]

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Don’t you???

Don’t you ever think about it? The exchanged glance, The glowing blush, A shy smile, And stolen glimpses, I have been thinking… About those, And more… Imagining a life, An alternate reality, A beautiful morning, Dragging afternoon, Romantic evening, And a long long night… Warring eyes, Claiming lips, Burning skin, Conversing hearts, Merging souls, Entwined […]

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Normal Life???

They don’t laugh loudly, For they are scared, That someone will notice, And call them shameless, They don’t walk alone, Someone might follow, And tear apart their soul, They’ll still be blamed for it. They don’t take a stand, It is not so lady like, To have a mind, To have an opinion. They don’t […]

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Bucket List!!!

That look in your eyes, Which says you love me, More than anything, Beyond the limits, Timeless and boundless love, Yes, I want to see it… One letter, Every word coated, With truth & loyalty, Explaining the inexplicable, The depths of heart, The heights of emotions. Yes, I want to write it… One evening, With […]

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