The Li’l Bits

A li’l bit of love, A li’l bit of light, and my wings got li’l bit ready for flight. A li’l bit of Hope, A li’l bit of pain, I’m ready to loose and I’m ready to gain. A li’l bit of glitter, A li’l bit of wine, You better wear shades, I’m gonna shine. […]

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Choice- Love or Fear?

I have been reading about Mind, process of thoughts and impacts. All our thoughts arise from a base feeling, whenever we choose to act it is either because of Love or Fear. There can be a million possibilities in terms of thoughts but the seed or base is always Love or Fear. However, when I […]

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The Road…

The road, Which connects Your home to mine The broken road, Filled with small stones Which glisten like diamonds After a light rain And remind me How your eyes shine When you look at me. The long road Adorned with trees Which change color And become rainbow In Spring Those Red flowers Just like your […]

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Let’s Walk

I like to walk… Looking at those lights, Winking at me softly, Hard road and soft grass, Cool breeze and warm sun, The vehicles pass by, As if I was invisible, I like that feeling, Smiling to myself, And stop to look at a house, Welcoming, cozy and brown, But with doors closed, I don’t […]

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It’s Winter

It’s winter… The cold creeps through bones And I wait For two arms Warm n safe To wrap me In the cozy embrace Like soft blanket Your two arms. It’s winters… I lie in my bed Cold and awake Spinning dreams In my head Of a future Which isn’t real A future with you. It’s […]

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Loving Freedom!!!

Maybe my words sound like prayer, Only because my love is devotion, Am I selfish, yes of course, Only because I found myself, I do not wander in wilderness anymore, I rest in a peaceful place in my world, Am I willing to give it up for you, no I’m not, for I have nothing […]

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You & Me

Yes it is dangerous, To show someone Your heart and soul The trapped sunlight And pieces of night Like solid air Or liquid glass To show the soft petals, And hard brittle surfaces The warm corners And cold Icicles And yet, here it is, Put in words, For safe isn’t for me, I like to […]

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