The Creator!!!

It starts with a thread, The soft one, The warm one, And the dance continues, Thread by thread, Weaving in and out, Making beautiful patterns, Like a child’s dream, Mixing colors of rainbow, I feel like a little kid, Who waits for unicorns, And believes in Magic, Yes, this is magic, That we can create, […]

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Moment & Eternity!!!

You know that moment, When your hand touched mine, Just by mistake, And I looked at you, That sheepish smile, Like you knew, I won’t scold you, You know that moment, When you held my hand, Deliberately this time, To cross the road, And I knew in that instant, You care for me, You know […]

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You, Me & Home!!!

Some days, When sky turns dark, And clouds cry, To meet the earth, And the sweet fragrance, Fills my room, I wonder, When will I meet you, When will I be in a place, I can call my Home, With you and me, A cozy kitchen, With aroma of cinnamon, A wide balcony, With swing […]

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Shine like a Diamond…

You say expression, Do you know what it is? The face of you and me, Not the one we see, But the one we are, All the darkness personified, All the scars in open, All the light, That makes you good, And vulnerable, For every one to see, Nothing to hide, That’s the true expression, […]

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My SoulMate!

When I look at you, I see me… Better and clear. I see the eyes, They don’t just shine, I see the vision, the dream… of a life, for you & me. I see the lips, They aren’t just red, They contain a promise, To say your name, Every time as a prayer Silent and […]

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Every Single Time

Why don’t you try? To break me, To battle my soul, To enslave me, To crush my mind, To encase me in darkness, To steal my light, I know why… Because I am light, so bright, Your darkness gets defeated every single time, Because I am soul, Victorious and Proud You lose the battle every […]

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