Yes, I have a dream, That’s why you don’t see my scream, At every hurdle and every block, Trust me, I’m the solid rock. When I heard about a lack, When I saw a huge gap, When I saw the talent, When I saw lots of loose ends, When I saw poor presentation, When I […]

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Unicorn & Phoenix!!!

A unique Name, The brightest of all, A magic so deep, It’s respected around the world, The beauty personified, The purest of pure, The one you can show off, For it’s beauty and grace, The prized possession, One at a perfect place. Yes, I know, This is who you want, A unicorn. I’m not the […]

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The Rebel!!!

Who gave you the right, To tell me what I can do, And what I can’t. Where were you, Yes you, The one pointing fingers, At my loud voice, When I was being ignored, Even though I was right. Where were you, Yes you, When I was being hurt, For being different, For being better […]

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