That One!!!

I am that one, Who will say no, To your Gold and Diamonds, Because shackles are shackles, Even if they are made of Gold. The one who will not fall, For your praises and adoration, For I possess the beauty you don’t see, The timeless one… The boundless one… The one who will follow her […]

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High or Hell!!!

Why do you like a high? When you know you will fall… A high which ensures, That you are delusional… And lost inside your own head… Fighting your fears… Which have grown bigger… Burning in your own desires… When the need becomes the fuel… Wrestling with your failures… But unable to do anything… Because you […]

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Life Lesson!!!

Stay away From the people Who question your every move, For you have a right, To make a wrong move, To stumble and fall, To make mistake, It does not make you lesser, It make you better. Life is an experience after all. Stay away, From the people Who give you No as a constant […]

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The world is full, Of the gleaming faces, No, Not faces, Masks… Yes, they are masks. Which hide the fear, of being recognized, And show the content, Of being in spotlight. Masks, Which refuse to show anxiety, Of walking alone forever, And display the pride, of treading difficult waters alone. Masks, Which make us feel […]

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Just my Dream!!!

I am gonna look back, Some day… And wonder… Why did I do this? Why didn’t I do that? But will it matter? Will it change anything? I will still remember, The way you looked at me, That one last time… The burning touch, Of leaving the hand, I was holding from a long time… […]

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The people we have to deal with, The ones who do nothing, But love to point fingers, And pull others down. The ones who don’t use brain, But discredit your ideas, And laugh at your genius. The ones who are incapable of feeling, But dare to call you cold, And blame it all on you. […]

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