Be skinny.

Be curvy.

Be happy.

Be grumpy.

Be tall.

Be short.

Be cool.

Be hot.

Be foolish.

Be wise.

Be arrogant.

Be nice.

Be mom.

Be boss.

Be elegant.

Be gross.

Be sweaty.

Be pretty.

Be enchanting.

Be witty.

Be shy.

Be alarming.

Be carefree.

Be charming.

Be confident.

Be timid.

Be Angry.

Be rigid.

Be sexy.

Be crude.

Be polite.

Be rude.

Be dreamy.

Be lazy.

Be superstar.

Be crazy.

Be a wife.

Stay single.

Be social .

Don’t mingle.

Be weird.

Be You.

Wear what you want.

Old or new.

Be chaotic.

Be zen.

For there is,

No wrong way,

To be a Woman.


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