Raat reh gayi hai!!!

Surkh labo se shuru hui thi jo, Atki hui si saanso me, vo baat reh gayi hai. Ek pal ruk jaate to samet leti, Karvate badalti meri raat reh gayi hai. Ek taara kahi toot jaaye, ek khwab poora ho, Ek tasveer ban jaye, jisme har rang adhoora ho, Mere rang tere rango’n se mile […]

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Gazal kahu, nagma kahu ya taraana kahu tumhe, Soch me hu apna kahu ya begaana kahu tumhe.   Sun ke tumhe sukoon bada milta hai dard-e-dil ko, kissa kahu, kahaani kahu ya fasaana kahu tumhe.   Sirf teri aankho me dikhta hai aks itna haseen mera, Aaina kahu ya koi pehchan hi na du, anjaana […]

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There shall be light!!!

Why don’t you try? To break me, To battle my soul, To enslave me, To crush my mind, To encase me in darkness, To steal my light, I know why… Because I am light, So bright, Your darkness gets defeated Every single time, Because I am soul, Victorious and Proud You lose the battle Every […]

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The Blank Spaces

I read A lot of pages Filled with words Dripping with love Or maybe lust Or sometimes Just a vague feeling That gives you glimpse Of a possibility. And I am left with The Blank Spaces… I see Smiling people Holding hands Or playing with their kids Or just talking animatedly Sometimes just staring At […]

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There are times when I write There are times when I scribble And then there are times When words run free From Eyelashes to chin Making a thick line Over the cheeks Like trying to leave a mark So I will remember them That they existed… Isn’t it something we all do… Just try and […]

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Portrait of Life!!!

A shade of red, Maybe for a flare, Or a touch of heat. A shade of pink, Smiling shyly, Or basking in love. A shade of orange, Tangy one perhaps, With a pinch of sunshine. A shade of yellow, Like a soft glow, Or maybe a happy daffodil A shade of brown, Dark and homey, […]

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