A part of me!!!

I will hide, All the tears, All the burns, All the breaks, All the thorns, I know it is probably wrong, To hide a part of me, But you must know, It is a part, Which is vulnerable, Which is soft and warm, It hears and feels, It gets hurt by simplest of the things, […]

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All the Whats… All the Whys… All the Hows… Compete with each other, To strangle my thoughts, To see who wins, In making them beautiful, Make them shine like a diamond, Or perhaps glow like a pearl, To make them understandable, Put them in a string, And then… The string rolls on to itself, Till […]

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You wanna fly, And touch the sky, You think you are loved, And adored, Unconditionally… By at least some people. You let them see… All the desires, All the dreams, All the fears, All the screams, Inside your heart, Inside your soul, And then you realize, They never cared, They wanted something, And they are […]

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Sirf Kahani!!!

Tum kehte ho mannate’n palko pe rehti hain, Tum kehte ho duaye’n toote taaro se milti hain, Tum kehte ho hawaye’n paigaam le jaya karti hain, Tum kehte ho pedo’n ki shakhe’n jhula jhulaya karti hain, Janaab, ye sab to sirf kahaniyo’n me hota hai.   Tum kehte ho koi pehli nazar me pyar karta […]

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What will you say?

Think of that mother, Who will never see her son, Jumping and running, Straight to her arms, When he has just come back, From a year long duty On the Border! What about that father, Who will look at his shoulder, And will remember how heavy it is, To carry a son’s absence, But he […]

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Stumbling Thoughts!!!

They stumble around, In the dark allies, Where no one can see them, No one can hear their screams, No one can see the gashes on them, No one can feel their pain, Because this is the reality, Nobody would care, They might give them some pity, Pity wrapped in self-righteousness, Which makes them feel […]

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Uthte hai dhua’n dhua’n se, Khyal honge shayad, khade hai yu hi mayoos se, Sawaal honge shayad, Chhoo jaate hai mujhe aksar, Garm laava se ubalte jazbaat, Aur keh jaate hai kaan me, Dekha, phir nahi badle haalat, Yu benaam bhatakta phirta hai, Shayad kisi ka gussa hai, Tum kehte ho vo alag hai mujhse, […]

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