One of these days!!!

One of these days, I will learn how to smile, In a way which will tickle you, In all the right places… One of these days, I will look at you, When you are looking at me, Dancing with glee, for you are Mine… One of these days, I will grow tall enough, Not physically, […]

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Pieces of me!!!

Sometimes I think, The pieces of me live, In the books I love, In the characters I lived, Laughed with them, Cried on their shoulder, Their gloom hovered over me, Their lights shined in my eyes, I lived in different cities, Under different names, I fell in love with strangers, Or poured my love on […]

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Socha tum aaine me milogi, Sabhi to kehte hai, Bada moh hai tumhe aaine se, Par tum nahi mili… Socha tum rasoi me milogi, Sabhi to kehte hai, Vo jagah hai tumhari, Par tum nahi mili… Socha tum us dabbe me milogi, Jisme gehne rakhte hai, Par sirf tumhari haya aur muskaan hi mili, Tum […]

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The Fight!!!

You are my desire, In the ways you might not know, In the ways world might not understand, In the ways people find medieval, In the ways it might be forbidden… But I still do… I still desire you… I desire your company, In my dreams, In my thoughts, In my words, In my leisure, […]

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I need you!!!

I do have a name, But I need you, To whisper it like a prayer… I do have a house, But I need you, To come back home… I do have time, But I need you, To make the best of life… I do have air, But I need you, To feel the warmth of […]

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Aasman… Chhota sa…

Ye zulfei’n hawa ka hath tham, Yu’n hi machal jati hai, Lehar pe lehar aati jaati hai, Aur zulf dhara ko chumna chahti hai, Ye aankhe’n kshitiz ko aawaz deti hai, Shayad koi khada waha’n sunta ho, Koi hai kya? Koi jawab to aaya nahi, Shayad jo bhi hai vo bolta na ho, Ye khoon […]

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If only…

“Why are you always so nice to me? What have I done to deserve such behavior?” ” Well, I am actually acting in self interest. It is no favor to you. ” “How so?” ” You see, I know you will chase after me if I give you even an inkling of not being interested […]

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