Open your eyes!!!

Do me a favor, And look around you, You see those pretty flowers, Those colorful dresses, Those shiny eyes, And those beautiful faces, Do me a favor, And look above, See that blue expanse, Those fluffy clouds, Those strokes of genius painter, Those rays of sunshine. Do me a favor, And look in to that […]

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Is it strange???

I am in a limbo, I think, I see the Sky, Blue expansion of beauty, I see the Ocean, The depth unlike any other, I see the trees, Nature’s experiment with colors, I see the horizon, Right in front but always out of reach, I see the day, Bright enough to forget the dark, I […]

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Quest of Love!!!

When the wind stops, And you can hear the silence, In the far away land, A leaf refuses to stop swaying, Dancing to it’s own music, Can you love me like that? When the stone has touched the bottom, And the ripple has died long back, A single wave gathers the courage, To go on […]

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You think you like my smile, But you don’t know, It is the easiest to fake, Just a curve waiting to obey, A simple command, And fool the world, Hide all that matters, Do you really like it now? You think you like my eyes, But you don’t know, They shine because they know, You […]

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I won’t

The pain that probably doesn’t exist, The memory which no longer fits, Just like that shirt which was left… forgotten, Among the leaves destined to get rotten, Leaves of the tree which witnessed everything, The growth to death of that seedling, No I am not talking about another tree, I am talking about our love, […]

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