Ghost in a Box!

I’ll never hate you enough, To forgive you, I’ll never love you again, To remember you, You will be a ghost, Of a memory, Kept safely in a box, Sealed shut for eternity, That’s it!!! Advertisements

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A bad person???

Tell me again, Who is there to blame, Who decided the length of my dress, And who am I supposed to impress, Who decided what I can and can’t do, Who is doing this character review, Who minds if I stay out till late, Who wants to know if I went on a date, Who […]

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My Personal Light!!!

An unsolved mystery, Almost wrong history, A long shot at the best, A broken heart, you can expect, That is Love, my love. A walk on roses with thorns, A long night which mourns, A high pitched but lost cries, The longing in pair of sad eyes, Yes that’s Love, my love. The bloodshot horizon […]

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Mystery of Words!!!

I wish, I could play with colors, Mix them and make beautiful shade, Touch them with brush and paint the world, One movement of wrist to a brilliant stroke, One thought to a masterpiece, On the canvas. I wish, I could play with notes, String them together and play for hours, Let it flow seamlessly […]

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Untouched story!

I’ll hear your story some day, Because you’ll mutter it to the pillow I’ll hear my name in it, But you won’t mention it, I’ll smile, Because you won’t, I’ll look in your eyes, Because you can’t look in mine, I’ll touch your face, Because you won’t feel me, I’ll be right in front, Because […]

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It’s never too late!!!

Who would you meet, If I didn’t know who I was? Who would you love, If I had no personality? Who would you admire, If I hadn’t found my courage? Who would you appeal to, If I hadn’t discovered my soft corners? Who would you talk to, If I hadn’t found my voice yet? Who […]

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The Wanderer!!!

I am the wanderer, I have seen the hills… They sit silently brooding, Thinking about something, I would like to know, But maybe it is too big a burden, For it has made them hard, But they are alive, I have seen it… In the flutter of little wings, In thousand shades of green, In […]

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