The Joy of Accepting!

An important life lesson for me.

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I hear the words, Humming in my throat, Or maybe in my thoughts, They struggle, And I wonder, Are they humming a lullaby, Or perhaps a war cry, I do not know, I just wonder, The song continues, It vibrates, Through my bones, Through my skin, Through my soul, Through my being, And I still […]

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Differences and Similarities!

No you don’t have to be, Just like me, Or even remotely like me, It is perfectly fine, To come from different world, To wear different colors, To eat different food, To enjoy different books, To watch different movies, To wake up at different times, To cherish different memories, To prefer different drinks, To laugh […]

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Why? She asked, And they blamed it, On her attire, On her smile, On her behavior, On her conduct, On her character, On her being alone, On her walking, On her talking, Yes, she was at fault, Because she asked a question, From a society, Which will never question, His attire, His attitude, His character, […]

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