Oh well!!!

Another month passed by and my birthday is approaching fast. April isn’t that far anymore. I am scared. Why does it scare me? Because I do not wish to act like what is socially accepted norm for a grown up. I do have good education and work. The social norm says I am supposed to […]

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Yeah, that scared me.

20th Feb, 2017 is going to be one of the dates I do not want to remember again. Reason, I took my poor scared cats for neutering. Jeeves and Sherlock usually love lounging around the house, lay down in a sunlit patch for hours and take cute little naps with eyes half open. But they […]

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There or maybe not!!!

Just like that last lingering note, Of a beautiful melody, Just like the shadow at noon, There or maybe not, Just like the fragrance of blossom, Traveling through miles, Just like the bite of snow flake, Sharp, cold and reaching deep, Just like the touch of wind, Soft and unseen, Just like the flare of […]

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Smile when I think you would be angry, Shout when I expect silent retort, Jump when the day is just passing by, Plan or sometime just don’t… Dance in sunlight, don’t wait for the rain, Surprise me, surprise me again, Walk on the grass and then on concrete, Watch the horizon and look in to […]

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Dream to Reality!!!

This time you come, Come with a candle, Burning with Love, Just as bright, As your eyes shine, When you look at me, With Love. Come with a flag, Maybe gold and white, You know I am not a fan of red, So I want our color to be gold, So pure and immortal, Paired […]

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  I will say what I think, And wear what I like, I will follow who I want, And marry who I love, I will laugh if I think it’s funny, And cry if it touches my heart, I will shout if I so please, And see the world, I will praise the honesty, And […]

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The scary trend!

There is a scary trend in today’s world to become famous without actually doing anything. In the most meaningless sense, maybe it is possible. But there is a big difference in being famous and being inspiring. For someone like me an inspiring person with ten followers is worth much more than a famous person with […]

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