I have been wondering if Feminism is the right term for what the enlightened men and women of the world have been trying to achieve. The initial definition was something else and now it has too many layers of hate that only the ugly packaging is visible but the beautiful concept is tucked away in […]

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Old Fool!!!

I heard, An old man say, “This is not how poetry is recited” For a girl, Who used strong words, And strong voice. I heard his words, And I heard the disapproval, The denial for her voice, The oppression for her thoughts, The fear of her power, The desire to clip her wings, And I […]

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They follow me around, The curious eyes on me… always, I feel safe, Like I have two lovely angels, They come running to me, And rub their scent on me, I think it’s their way of saying, You are mine!!! Their warmth is my anchor, In the frozen hell of darkness, They hold my hand, […]

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Am I Wrong?

When I wanna spread my wings, Get mesmerized by the blue, And touch the sky, Fly above the clouds, Feel the air on my face, Let the sun kiss my skin, Am I wrong? When I wanna walk for miles, To reach a place, Which I saw in my head, Where I find Love and […]

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Women’s Day Special!

It’s “International Women’s Day” tomorrow, so what is your plan?  See, I didn’t forget. I am doing an exercise this year and I hope you will join me. This women’s day let’s look at the mirror and promise to empower that woman. Stop beating her up for sleeping a little more, being lazy sometimes, not […]

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A wild woman!!!

The wild mane, No matter how much you try, You can’t tame it to submission, The wild wind, Carrying so many unheard stories, So many unrecognized voices, The wild life, Untouched by cruel hands, Blessed with multitudes of colors, The wild river, As pure as the headwaters, Even though touched by many hands, And then […]

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That show will ROCK!!!

You have to endure this, For you are a woman, If you study hard, Who will do the chores, If you like the chores, You are wasting money on studies, If you stay covered, You are not desirable, If you like short clothes, You must be a slut, If you don’t say anything, You are […]

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