That show will ROCK!!!

You have to endure this,

For you are a woman,

If you study hard,

Who will do the chores,

If you like the chores,

You are wasting money on studies,

If you stay covered,

You are not desirable,

If you like short clothes,

You must be a slut,

If you don’t say anything,

You are an arrogant bitch,

If you speak your mind,

Well, the judgement is still the same,

If you date rich men,

You are a gold digger,

If you date a poor man,

He will leave you because you are better,

If you get married,

You have no ambition,

If you want a career,

You are selfish,

So listen up girl!

Nobody is ever going to shut up,

There will be objections,

If you do something or not,

So, why not follow your heart,

Give them something to talk about,

Which you will cherish listening,

And laugh at their foolishness,

Because now they are in your show,

Just like the little puppets,

I must say,

That show will ROCK!!!



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