I have been wondering if Feminism is the right term for what the enlightened men and women of the world have been trying to achieve. The initial definition was something else and now it has too many layers of hate that only the ugly packaging is visible but the beautiful concept is tucked away in a dark corner.

The women do not want to be called a “Better Gender” or be put on another high pedestal, society has done enough damage in that area by putting all the “Respect” and “Status” of families and society in her vagina, no more oppression disguised as a praise is welcome.

What we are talking about is equality. When you see a guy with 3 female friends or he makes a silly mistake, you say “boys will be boys”, If you are pro-equality and not a show off hypocrite, say that when a girl does same things. Applaud a boy for doing the house chores as perfectly as a girl and applaud the girl when she stands up for her or anyone’s rights. Stop judging the women based on their clothes or actually, stop judging all together, that’s not your job. Live and let live.

Let the boys and girls play with same toys and on same play ground. Teach both of them the same values of integrity and bravery, teach them to treat each other as human beings, as equals.  Teach them respect for each other not the brazen emotional ignorance to boys and fear to girls. Let your girls be strong and powerful and let the boys be emotional, these are personality traits which help them grow as a human being and do not diminish their sexuality or expression in any way.

The equality is about both the genders, not against one and pro another. When this understanding will be there, the change will be much smoother and lovelier than full of hate that we see now.


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