That little freckle on the nose, And darker skin of elbow, That frustrated tangle of hair, And maybe a little extra on waist. You notice all these flaws, When you see in mirror, But did you know, I love you, Because… It’s your elbow, Not your heart, It’s your hair, Not your emotions, There was […]

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Some days more than others, It raises it’s head, And whines in my ears, To tell me the things, I would rather not know, And show me the scenes, Which exist in my head, Torture me, For an eternity. Change my thoughts, Darken them somehow, By being present in them, Licking the rusty corners. And […]

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There are days when I can’t find time to even eat, or comb my hair, and then there are days when I am up before sunrise and do meditation and start my day with a steaming hot mug of coffee and some sun light. Yes, my beautiful cat babies are my alarms on both the […]

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Loud prayers???

I have been seeing a lot of controversies on use of loudspeakers in religious places. Personally, I do not believe in loud prayers. It goes against my belief system. I don’t need a theory or religious sentiment to justify it, it is a thing of common sense for me. I question your belief if you […]

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