Future Love!!!

I looked at you, You didn’t understand, The meaning of that glance, Maybe it is not your fault, I never knew, How to give that look, Which says, I adore you. I touched your hand, You didn’t notice, It was just for a second, Maybe it is not your fault, I never knew how to […]

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Dear woman with a dream!

Dear woman with a dream, Be happy, Because you have something, Which many don’t, For they are prohibited, From dreaming, Be alive, Because it is in your power, To give wings to your dream, And fly away to the land, Where it all comes true. Be awake, Because if you fall asleep, Someone will steal […]

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Meant to be!!!

When I sleep, You are there, In my dreams, Laughing with me, Or staring at me, From a distance, Making me squirm, And then I wake up, Wondering where you are, If you are thinking of me too! When I write, You are there, Holding my pen, In my mind only sadly, Guiding my words, […]

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