Dear woman with a dream!

Dear woman with a dream,

Be happy,

Because you have something,

Which many don’t,

For they are prohibited,

From dreaming,

Be alive,

Because it is in your power,

To give wings to your dream,

And fly away to the land,

Where it all comes true.

Be awake,

Because if you fall asleep,

Someone will steal it,

Yes, they steal dreams,

Yes, they are the ones you trust.

Be careful,

Because they are scared,

Threatened by your light,

The creatures of darkness,

Shackled in old traditions,

Be cautious,

Because they will try,

Waging a war on you,

Killing your dream,

Crushing your soul,

In the name of honor,

In the name of Family,

In the name of culture,

In the name of “Good Behavior”

But my dear woman,

Never forget to be YOU,

For you are strong,

To fight all the wars,

For you are bright,

To take away all the darkness,

For you are lovable,

And yes, Remember this,

In darkest of times,


You are worth it!!!


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