Nothing left to lose!!!

The sleep, Lost over countless thoughts, And broken dreams, Amidst rainbow of emotions, Surrounded by sharp edges, Of pieces of those dreams, Cutting deep… The Hope, Lost in the darkest gloom, Left after the sunniest days, The days which are now memory, A rather painful one, Burning holes in head, Destroying evidence… The people, Lost […]

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At Last!!!

That glance, Which can do wonders, Melt my bones, Make my heart race, Or skip a beat, Or standstill for a moment, Ragged breathing, Heated skin, Wreaking havoc, On body and soul, Yes, that glance, You know it very well, For you are part of it, I feel you in that glance, A touch here, […]

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I search for a definition Of Strong and Independent Woman. She is money minded, If she wants a career, She is useless and lazy, if she wants to be a housewife. She is not Cultured, If she wears western, She is not modern, If she wears Indian. She is too bold, If she stands up […]

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The moment… When you have words, Planting a kiss, But just on your own lips, Throat refusing To make a sound, Brain occupied, With numerous cobwebs, The kind that scare you, Till your limbs are numb… The moment… When you pick up a pen, But all you draw, Is circles and circles and more circles, […]

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They try to hide, But they are just too thin, The prying eyes pierce them, The eager ears never cared, They were never so good at it, But they did look pretty, Now they just look tired, Hanging about saying nothing, Oh they have stories, For they have seen a lot, All the fights and […]

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