Bucket List!!!

That look in your eyes, Which says you love me, More than anything, Beyond the limits, Timeless and boundless love, Yes, I want to see it… One letter, Every word coated, With truth & loyalty, Explaining the inexplicable, The depths of heart, The heights of emotions. Yes, I want to write it… One evening, With […]

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Don’t worry about people, They won’t remind you of me, Ever… They won’t care either… Be careful of little things, That’s what will be the reminder… Be careful of little trinkets, You will think of me, When you hear that soft sound, Like my earrings sound, When I move, Just a bit close to you, […]

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Words, A combination, Of same alphabets, In different sequence, To mean something, Different every time… That’s how I feel… Arranging and rearranging, The emotions, The feelings, The thoughts, The dreams, Trying to make sense, Put them here, No, let’s try there, Maybe upside down, Or flip it horizontally, Add some colors, Maybe some light, Does […]

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Don’t look at me like that, I am not broken, I am not fragile, OK… Maybe a little, But much stronger, Than you guessed, These scars are my pride, Signs of a life lived well, Till now, For I am nowhere near done, There are dreams in eyes, Hope in heart, Fluttering butterflies in stomach, […]

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I wonder… If I go for a walk, Will you be just another person, Walking down the same road, But the one who looked back, And bumped in to a pole… Is that how we will meet? I wonder… If I go to a library, Will you be the quiet one, Sitting in a corner, […]

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Politically Correct???

We used to call her Chinki, No, not as an insult, It was her name, Given by her mother, Not the real name either, A nick name, The one you give to someone you love, The one you give with love, Name of a cute lil kid, Always happy and playful, Big cheeks and small […]

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Control, Over every movement, Every emotion, Every desire And every dream… Restraint, On every whim, Every will, Every craving, And Every want… Snooping, On every thought, Every bond, Every communication And every relation… Oh I can go on… I just wanna ask… What were you looking for… A relationship??? Or Dictatorship???

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