Politically Correct???

We used to call her Chinki,

No, not as an insult,

It was her name,

Given by her mother,

Not the real name either,

A nick name,

The one you give to someone you love,

The one you give with love,

Name of a cute lil kid,

Always happy and playful,

Big cheeks and small eyes,

That’s what I remember,

Even now when I hear that name,

Innocence and beauty,

Miles long smiles…

Ten year old me used to wonder,

Can she see me,

When I make funny faces,

And she laughs so hard,

That her eyes almost close,

No, there was no malice,

Just love from a big sister,

We have such relations in our small towns,

And now I see all the protest,

The quest to be politically correct,

And I wonder,

How that mother feels now,

Who named her daughter Chinki,

With love,

A nick name we say,

Has she stopped using the name?

Does she feel guilty because the world says so?

Does she want to shout,

At top of her lungs,

Words are not bad,

You made the meanings bad.

You used them for your advantage,

You manipulated people,

You made things complex,

You breed hate,

You forgot about love…

I wonder how that daughter feels…

Does she long to hear,

Her mother call her with love once again,

The name politically incorrect…



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