Game of Love!!!

I look at you, You look at me, I look away, You close your eyes, A little longer, Hiding or memorizing something??? And the game continues… Your fingers tangle in my hair, I can’t keep them untangled, My face tangles in your thoughts, You can’t untangle them, And we wonder, What will untangle this mess, […]

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I never knew, How to say, It hurts, Differentiate between… Agony or physical pain, I never knew, How to say, I am happy, Differentiate between… Air in my lungs, Or under my wings, I never knew, How to say, I love you, Differentiate between… The high of mountain, Or high of a dream, I rose […]

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“Sometimes I wish, I had more courage, Just so I could tell you, I am in love, With the way you smile at me, And how you see, Underneath all the layers, All the masks, I put on as defense, With that soft touch, Assuring like a hard wall, But I am scared, You will […]

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All Mine!!!

You, The one in my thoughts, In my mind, And my heart, My eyes, And my soul, I want to ask you, Why are you a fire? A bright inferno, Which takes over My whole being, Burning away all the thoughts, Of any other person, I even found interesting,, Marking my soul, With his essence, […]

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Hey listen, Whoever you are, Hey listen, Wherever you live, Hey listen, Whenever you meet me, I wonder, What if it could be like this, No hellos, No goodbyes, No how are you, No it was nice to see you, No it’s been a long time, No we should keep in touch, No small talk, […]

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Eternal Love!!!

The eyes, Promising mystery, And light, At the end of a dark tunnel, Maybe he knows, I love a good mystery. The fingers, Fair, skinny and all bones, Like an expert pianist, Maybe he knows, I find it sexy, Expert fingers on an instrument, Creating magic. The voice, Throaty and heavy, Like a dark cloud, […]

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A dear friend, A potential love interest, An innocent crush, A beautiful relation, No, nothing is safe, Not anymore, Because she is beautiful, And that’s a curse, Or maybe the curse is, That she is a girl, And not so little anymore, So she hides her pain, And let her pillow soak it all, She […]

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