We grew up together, Or at least they did, They grew up… To wear heavy gold jewelry, And started loving it, Carrying it with pride, Showing off their maturity, And me… I wear purple stars, Made of wood, And a stone claw With a black thread, They grew up… To wear sarees, Beautiful and Graceful, […]

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There is a glitch, In my memory, It remembers the grass, More than flowers, It remembers the silent support, More than loud protest, It remembers the hand holding me, More than the promise of heavens, There is a glitch, In my heart, It loves without condition, And refuses to hold on to hate, It loves […]

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You try, To impress me, To come closer, To inhabit my heart, To win over my soul. For you didn’t take time, To know your challenge, You are not competing, Against a guy I said was cute, Or the one I admire for his wits, Or someone I find good looking, You are competing against […]

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