There was a difference, In your love & mine, Your love was loud, Mine is silent, Your love shouted from rooftops, Mine paints the walls with your name, Your love sang melody to a crowd, Mine spreads on paper that nobody read, Your love was bright like a sun, Mine is a blanket of night, […]

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I don’t know anymore, The eyes, Used to tell the truth, Describe all the real feelings, Communicate without words, But now, They don’t really talk, Just give jumbled up puzzles, Or stare blankly… Can I believe the eyes? I don’t know anymore. The words, Used to make sense, They held a meaning. And a promise, […]

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I search For the answer, What does it mean, To be Happy? A curve on face… Moving muscles… Capping hands… Throaty sounds… A tear or two… I heard it is infectious… But you see what I did, I described how to look happy, Because I seem to have forgotten, How to be happy!!!  

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There are those, Who want to be, In your dreams, In your eyes, On your lips, On your thoughts, Just not in your heart, Or in your life, Let them go… There are those, Who say a lot, All the right things, All the sweet nothings, All the lovely promises, All the wonderful words, But […]

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