You feel it, Don’t you? The tug at heart, When you see a beautiful rose, You don’t know me yet, But you give it to me, In your mind In your imagination, And that’s when, I feel the tug too… You feel it, Don’t you? When I lay awake at night, And imagine the scenarios, […]

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On the other side!!!

Some women are not just, A body, a brain and a heart, They are a storm, Because they absorbed, The storms in their life, They are fire, Because they burned, And burned bright, They are rain, Because they have an ocean, To share with thirsty earth, They are everything, They are nothing, They are a […]

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Bet !!!

If only You could hear, The silent depths, Of emotions, If only, You could see, The darkest corners, Hiding the precious memories, Or the hideous monsters, If only, You could feel, The soft fluffy clouds, Of dreams, Painted pink & purple, Studded with your glimpses, If only, You could understand, The feelings, Poured in handful […]

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