I believe in ME!!!

I am not angry with you, No, not anymore, I know better now, I know the reason, She is the soft breeze, I am the violent storm, You just had to protect, A heart so small, She is all curls and curves, I am all heart and soul, You just had to procure, A status […]

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The Little Girl!!!

The little girl in me, With innocent heart, And even more innocent smile, With big eyes, And even bigger heart, Never imagined herself, As a damsel in distress, She has been the Hero, In her own story, She has rescued people, From darkness of sorrows, She has offered people, Bouquets of smiles and laughter, She […]

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Outside the Spectrum!!!

I have traversed the spectrum, From a very quiet evening, To loud ate night parties, From coffee in balcony, To coffee in five star hotel, From no desire to talk at all, To not being able to shut up, From just rolled out of bed look, To carefully dolled up, From deep dark dungeons of […]

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Be My Friend!!!

Be my friend, Not the one who likes all my pics, Comments on all my thoughts, Follows me on social media, Messages once in a while, Shows affection in emojis, And knows maybe nothing about me, But the one who clicks those pics, Who talks to me at 2 AM, And still understands the conversation, […]

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A Question!!!

I thought I would love someone, Who was strong enough, To pick me up in his arms, And carry me over the threshold, But I fell in love with you, Before knowing how strong you are… I thought I would love someone, Who can make me laugh, Laughing together would be our thing, Something for […]

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I had locked that door, The one which lets people in, Where they can stay, And plan how to hurt you… Where they can see, Every soft spot to pinch and poke… Where they can light a fire, And burn the insides to ashes… Where they can paint the walls black, So it is always […]

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Book of Life!!!

There is a chapter, On how to remember, Remember to breathe, When things get difficult, Remember the light, When it gets dark, Remember the laughter, On gloomy days… There is a chapter, On how to walk, Walk towards a problem, And deal with it, Walk away from people, Who are the black holes, Walk till […]

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