I had locked that door,

The one which lets people in,

Where they can stay,

And plan how to hurt you…

Where they can see,

Every soft spot to pinch and poke…

Where they can light a fire,

And burn the insides to ashes…

Where they can paint the walls black,

So it is always dark…

The door to my heart,

I swear it was locked,

And then I saw a face,

The face which didn’t even know me,

The face became a person,

The person who lit up the dark room,

The fires disappeared,

The burning subsided,

The person who became the shield,

To protect all the soft spots,

And to chase away the squatters,

The walls were decorated,

Painted with pink, red and gold,

Adorned with flowers,

Announcing the forever spring,

The stars came to visit,

Perhaps they needed some light,

The breeze became fragrant,

The sounds became melodies,

It all changed for that face,

Which took all the darkness,

All the ashes,

And molded it in to a key,

Key to open the door,

Which I had locked,

I looked at the mirror,

The face was mine,

And his,

I guess it was me,

I opened the door,

Made it beautiful,

For me,

For him,

So we could call it Home!!!


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