Be My Friend!!!

Be my friend,

Not the one who likes all my pics,

Comments on all my thoughts,

Follows me on social media,

Messages once in a while,

Shows affection in emojis,

And knows maybe nothing about me,

But the one who clicks those pics,

Who talks to me at 2 AM,

And still understands the conversation,

Who cooks in my kitchen,

And plays with my cats,

Who tells me all his secrets,

And keeps mine,

Who calls me randomly,

Sometimes just to check on me,

Who shows up at my door,

When I am sick,

Or when I am lonely,

Who reads my books,

And tells me silly jokes,

Who holds my hand,

To cross the road,

Who picks out clothes for me,

And who goes shopping with me,

Who reads my words,

And understands their meaning,

Knows me,

More than I know myself,

You might be a stranger today,

You might be more than a friend someday,

But this is what I want for now,

This is how I see you!!!


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