The Little Girl!!!

The little girl in me,

With innocent heart,

And even more innocent smile,

With big eyes,

And even bigger heart,

Never imagined herself,

As a damsel in distress,

She has been the Hero,

In her own story,

She has rescued people,

From darkness of sorrows,

She has offered people,

Bouquets of smiles and laughter,

She has slayed dragons,

Of stereotypes and expectations,

She has nurtured gardens,

Of love and compassion,

She wasn’t waiting,

For a Prince Charming,

She made her empire,

She made herself a Queen,

No, she is not a loner,

She cherishes the company,

Of right kind of Prince,

The one who is future King,

She doesn’t need him,

She wants him,

There is a difference,

In need and desire,

She won’t ask,

She will share,

She won’t demand,

She will offer,

She won’t reject,

She will receive,

But the world is not ready for her,

Probably it will never be ready,

So I hide her,

For now,

Till she finds her safe heaven,

Her Kingdom, Her Home!!!


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