I believe in ME!!!

I am not angry with you,

No, not anymore,

I know better now,

I know the reason,

She is the soft breeze,

I am the violent storm,

You just had to protect,

A heart so small,

She is all curls and curves,

I am all heart and soul,

You just had to procure,

A status symbol,

She keeps eyes on the ground,

I just discovered my wings,

She is truly traditional beauty,

I am the spicy, witty, nerd,

She makes you feel at home,

I got a flaring wanderlust,

Her dreams are all about you,

Mine are about me too,

She laughs at your jokes,

I admire your courage,

She has your heart,

I want connection of soul,

She is perfection,

I am phoenix,

You wonder why am I comparing,

It is not for you,

I accept myself,

The stormy core,

The feral look,

The seeker soul,

The wordsmith heart,

The sky high goals,

The unreal ambitions,

The desires,

The contentment,

All mine,

All me,

I have realized,

It is not selfish,

It is not narcissistic,

Though you would prefer,

If I believed it was,

I don’t,

Not anymore,

I believe in someone better now,

I believe in ME!!!


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