Do you know the purpose of life? They asked me, Do you? I replied back… I got answers, A lot of them, Not two alike, Of course, But answers… All claiming to be right. Someone said it is to help others, Or to find God, Someone said it is to gain knowledge, Or to lose […]

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I have been asleep, For way too long, So when you walk in, Don’t be silent, Be the bloody loudest explosion, I’ll need that to listen, To know you are here… I have been holding it in, For way too long, So when you walk in, Don’t hold in anything, Come with the drum roll, […]

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You are in Love!!!

Sometimes… It is that one glance, Which ignites a fire, And bursts open the secrets, Which makes you blush, And sends shivers up your spine, Which makes you wonder, Why do you want to look, At that one person, And hide them from all other eyes, Why do you want to hold, Their hand in […]

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Our Home!!!

I dream of a special life, You have a dream too, One day, The dreams will cross paths, That’s where I’ll meet you, I’ll be your rock, You be my thunder, I’ll bring the light, You bring the hope, I’ll do the decoration, You build the structure, I’ll bring the walls, You bring the roof, […]

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All of it!!!

Heartbeat… Faster… Erratic… Skipped beats, Breathing… Hitched… Shallow… Louder than voice, Face… Blushing… Glowing… Warmer every single time, Smile… Bright… Shy… Sometimes not in my control, These are some of the effects, Of just looking at you, Or thinking of you, Or hearing your name, Do you think, I am crazy? Or perhaps in love? […]

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