Do you know the purpose of life?

They asked me,

Do you?

I replied back…

I got answers,

A lot of them,

Not two alike,

Of course,

But answers…

All claiming to be right.

Someone said it is to help others,

Or to find God,

Someone said it is to gain knowledge,

Or to lose the ego,

To save mankind,

To save the earth,

To enjoy the good deed,

To pay for sins,

There were so many answers,

Just not two alike,

And I wondered,

Which one of these is true,

These people,

Who seem to have figured out,

A real answer,

Actually seem clueless,

Just like me,

Maybe the answer doesn’t exist,

Maybe we make our own answers,

I just realized something,

The answers were correct,

Just not for a group,

Only individually,

So maybe if we stop judging,

Pointing fingers,

Calling each other wrong,

Because the answers don’t match,

Maybe then we will find,

The answer,

Which is right,

I think for me,

It is to create,

And to love the creation,

Create the beauty,

Create the poetry,

Create the string of words,

And as a hopeless romantic,

Find the love through my own creation,

And create the world for us,

Full of words,

Full of beauty,

So now I create,

Another string of words,

Hoping he would read it,

Hoping he would know,

The creation calls him,

I call him,

Will you come to me?



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