Inside My Head!!!

The unwritten words,

Bounce around wildly,

Inside my head,

Creating noise,

That I can’t contain,

I wish to find a string,

A string to tie them together,

That would make it a thought,

A coherent one,

Maybe I can then tie them,

All the strings,

Make it a poem,

Or a story,

Oh wait there is more,

The pictures…

Wow, that’s beautiful,

Oh no, that’s embarrassing,

Phew, Glad to avoid that one,

Wait, I love this one,

Pictures bouncing in my head,

They hurt more,

They have sharp corners…

Words form a cloud,

And now there is thunder,

And rain,

The images get drenched,

And take a new color…

And I sit in a corner,

Watching it unfold…

I am mesmerized,

Happy too…

No wonder I like it here,

Despite the pain,

It is beautiful place,

The only thing in the world,

That I truly own,

Sometimes I just live here,

Inside my head!!!



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