If you never ask!!!

You should really stop, Stop whispering her name, In her ears, So softly, So lovingly, But alas, in her dream, Stop holding her hand, Like you mean it, Like you want it, Like you won’t leave, But alas, that’s just a thought, Stop telling her stories, Of random people, At random places, About random things, […]

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You were looking, For a warm breeze, Light drizzle, Winter sunlight, Summer evening, Soft petals, One single fragrance, A perfect road, A straight connection, A gentle soul, An unscratched heart, You just did’t know, It was never me, I am none of those, A wild hurricane, A brutal storm, The freezing ice, And scalding fire, […]

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Remember this, I have been alone, But never lonely, I have seen failure, But it was never permanent, I have been betrayed, But I learned to trust again, Remember this too, I had my heart broken, But love crept in again, I have seen colors, And chose mine carefully, I am a woman, You need […]

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Not Anymore!!!

I never asked you, To love me, Like I do, I just asked, For a few moments, When I could drown, In your eyes, And reach your heart, Touch your soul, And tickle your senses, Get your nerves to tingle, Make your heart skip a beat, Leave your limbs trembling, And a memory on your […]

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